Assignment 5 Reworked

Following the helpful feedback from my tutor I revisited my original submission.  Specifically I replaced the 7th image from the original group with a new image. I retained the steps motif but took an entirely different view point. The steps had been used as a signifier for my daughter moving on, but as my tutor rightly highlighted the original image jarred with the developing narrative of the set. I now have the steps, but the view point is an empty beach and a far horizon. The other image I replaced was the final one. This time going for a wide view of the beach huts again with no one in sight, reflecting what had been, but removing the sense of decay that was seen as being unhelpful in the original set. I think the is something ambiguous about the reselected final image and the high tide mark makes an upward arrow, replacing the rusty bolt central in the previous final image. 

I am  happy with the rework an the images hang together retaining my original intention which was to some extent inspired by the  of the Adams (1994) quote used in the original submisions introduction.

The reworked set is set out below.

Assignment 5  Photography is simple -Reworked

Leaving Home – exploring emotion and place

“Landscape pictures can offer us, I think three varieties-geography, autobiography, and metaphor. Geography is, if taken alone, sometimes boring, autobiography is frequently trivial, and metaphor can be dubious. But taken together…. the three kinds of information strengthen each other and reinforce what we all work to keep intact – an affection for life”

Adams (1996)

Light leak (1 of 1)


Beam and boards (1 of 1)


66 no 2 (1 of 1)


Horizon (1 of 1)


Lock (1 of 1)


Key (1 of 1)


Step 4 (1 of 1)


Steps 2 (1 of 1)


Steps empty beach v-5055


Steps empty beach 2-



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