Note to Assessors

Dear Assessors,

Thank you for reviewing and assessing the work and learning I have undertaken over the course of study of the Expressing Your Vision module.

As suggested in the OCA study materials I have kept an online learning log throughout the course. This contains the majority of  my work.

My submission for assessment is made up as follows:

  • My online Blog
  • Print submissions for: Assignment Three, the original tutor submission and a reworked submission in response to tutor feedback. In addition there is a print submission for Assignment Five, this is a final submission reworked in response to tutor feedback
  • A Tutor Feedback Folder containing my annotated tutor feedback sheets, my responses and a summative end of course self assessment

My blog is set out in sections which I hope aids navigation. To assist you in finding the course exercises, research points and assignments I have also created a content locater. This is set out below. There is also more information about my research, reflections and learning set out in the sections of the blog which I hope provides further evidence of my engagement, learning and progress during the course.

Yours Sincerely

John Adrian Orr                                                                                                                                            514280


Expressing Your Vision

Part One

Assignment One- Square Mile:

Feedback and Reflection:

de Chirico, alienation and some thought on my square mile:

Exercise 1.1:

Exercise 1.2 Point:

Exercise 1.3 (1) Line:

Exercise 1.3 (2) Line:

Exercise 1.4 Frame:

Project 3 Research Point:

Part Two

Exercise 2.1:

Exercise 2.2:

Exercise 2.3:

Exercise 2.4:

Exercise 2.5:

Exercise 2.6:

Exercise 2.7:

Project 2 Research Point:

Assignment Two- Collecting:

Feedback and Reflection:

Part Three

Exercise 3.1:

Exercise 3.2:

Project Three research Point:

Exercise 3.3:

Assignment ThreeThe decisive moment: Submitted as prints and part of the assessment submission package

Part Four

Exercise 4.1:

Exercise 4.2:

Exercise 4.3:

Exercise 4.4:

Exercise 4.5:

Assignment Four-Languages of light:

Preparation for reworking assignment Four:

Assignment Four Reworked:

Part Five

Exercise 5.1:

Project One-Research Point:

Exercise 5.2:

Exercise 5.3:

Assignment Five-Photography is simple:

Assignment Five Reworked:


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