Assignment 4 Re-worked

Assignment 4 was an interesting activity, as I stated in my original submission I was not not used to shooting at night. I won’t go over the technical challenges set out in my original assignment write up but following tutor feedback I decided to focus on a very particular aspect of capturing the beauty of artificial light. As my tutor stated in his feedback, the sculptural quality of things can be revealed in artificial light, in the way not possible in daylight when objects can be overwhelmed in day light. Something different happens to structures and their ref;actions when illuminated by artificial light.

I really liked this idea and set about exploring the nature of objects under artificial light. In particular I was interested in public structures and their reflections in  and on different surfaces. This lead me to experiment further around some of the ideas from my original submission.  I also went further a field in a attempt to gain additional inspiration.

In truth I learned a lot about the nature of light and how it behaves on different surfaces, the limitations of my equipment and the challenge of controlling the glow of sodium frequencies that are all pervasive in the urban night scapes. I also learned about how the  effects of artificial light can define structure and shape  in a way that sunlight does not.

Using some of my original images, but in a different order as well as  adding in some new and different ones I arrived at this final set for this reworked submission. The set explores light, reflection, surface and structure.

I looked at the work of a range of photographers who I think explore the nature of structure and shape  and although none focused on the nocturnal in the work I explored, they all helped me think about the nature of structure and composition.

Geert Goiris’s work taught me about thinking about how  the strange can be brought out in what might at fist glance appear as mundane. Lucien Herve’s architectural studies create a beautiful sense of structure through the bold use of shadows and light. Robert Hausser’s stark but engaging work made me think about line, shape and structure and how viewpoint is vital. All of the above artist made me think differently about how shape and structure can be represented on essentially a 2 dimensional medium. 

As with other reworked assignments i feel i am just scratching the surface of concepts and ideas and in many respects the learning achieved is greater that the final images present here. But, I am unashamedly on a journey and accept I have much further to go.


Assignment 4  -Revisiting Exercise 4.3

Capture ‘the beauty of artificial light’ in a short sequence of shots (‘beauty’ is, of course, a subjective term).

The correct white balance setting will be important; this can get tricky –but interesting – if there are mixed light sources of different colour temperatures in the same shot.

You can shoot indoors or outside but the light should be ambient rather than camera flash.

‘Beauty’ is, of course, a subjective term’

Bloomfield 2014

Images-Experiments with artificial light, colour and reflection

Ass 4 relectionstar-4574


Ass 4 church reflection-4500


Ass 4 relection Market Pavillion 2-4504


Ass 4 relection find out more-4536


Hepworth 3 (1 of 1)


Hepworth 2 (1 of 1)


Hepworth 1 (1 of 1)

Additional Contact sheets:

Assign 4 Rework final-1Assign 4 Rework final-2Assign 4 Rework final-3


Bloomfield, R. (2014) Photography 1, Expressing Your Vision, Open College of the Arts, Barnsley

Herve Family Website: (accesed Febr 2016)

Koetzle, H-M. (2011) Photographers A-Z , Taschen, Gmbh

Lunn, O. (2015) Unfathomable: Geert Goiris’ futuristic objects in abandoned landscapes, British Journal of Photography found: (Accessed February 20i6)




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