Assignment 5 Feedback

Ass 5 feedback-5193

I was very pleased with the tutor feedback for Assignment 5. It was as ever supportive, it highlighted the areas of strength and areas to consider to strengthen the work. As this was the final assignment I was particularly pleased that I finished the course on a pretty positive note.

Throughout the course I have used a consistent approach for reviewing and acting upon tutor feedback. This has involved using three highlighter pens, green for positive, orange for negatives and yellow for areas for development. Much of this final feedback i could highlight green!

That said there are some areas to consider. Based on the feedback I am going to change at least tow of the images and add in some new work that will help me convey the ambition I set out in the statement at the start of the assignment. Also there are a few things i want to do to my blog in response to tutor comments. Th comments were generally postive but a couple of helpful issue have been raised.

My tutor referenced one of my works as being similar to Harry Callahan, so I will look further at the work of this photographer.

Perhaps the biggest issue to consider is how I narrow my approach down a further into a more specific genre. As with other assignments I I am pasting  below the response i sent to my tutor to the assignment feed.

This of course is also the last time I will do this on this course!

Response to Tutor-Assignment 5 Feedback

Dear Robert,

Many thanks for your as ever, helpful and constructive feedback on this the final assignment of the course. The last 10 months have gone by rather quickly! I did, as with the other assignments, enjoy planning, researching and executing this assignment and feel I have learned more along the way. In many respects the final outcome does not always reflect the level of learning taking place. There is also the continued realisation there is still a long way to go with my work, but I will keep going as long as the journey is gratifying and feels fulfilling.

Based upon your feedback there are elements of the assignment I will rethink and re-work. You are right about the final image, I was uncertain about that too, your comments have given me an idea for a different final image. I am also going to look at some of the others with a view to some refinement to the set. As with other assignments this took me out of my comfort zone, things I would not have done if I were not on a course of study, I am really grateful for this.

Your feedback on the blog is most helpful, particularly because this last 10 months has been my only experience of blogging, something else I have learned on my OCA journey! I have undertaken a lot of experimentation and have to be frank been hesitant at times in settling to final images. I will look at sharpening these up though in terms of quality. I am also looking at printing much my work now. The final images can vary so much on different screens. Printing brings a new set of challenges but exciting (and expensive) ones! That said there is something quite satisfying about an image as an artefact, not least because of both Barthes and Sontag’s thoughts on the photograph as an object and all that it carries.

I have really enjoyed the reading and research element of the course and feel I have gained many new insights into the work of photographers I have been superficially (I now realise) familiar with for years. Most importantly though I have been exposed to a whole new canon of image makers whose work is challenging, inspiring and in some cases quite frankly life enriching!

I am not quite finished Expressing Your Vision just yet because I am in the process of completely re doing Assignment four. As you suggested I have had a look at the work of Geert Goiris, I particularity like the other worldly strangeness he creates out of the relatively mundane. This led me to look too at the work of Lucien Herve and Robert Hausser, in my exploration of shape and form. I have a clear shooting schedule and a plan of locations and will complete this in the next few weeks. I plan to submit my work in mid May, ready for the July assessment panel. I also have some things to complete on the blog too. I am also getting my head around the new submission requirements.

I am slowly narrowing down my work into a more specific genre, this hasn’t proved easy but I am sanguine about this, I still have much to explore and learn. That said my recent visit to the Alec Soth exhibition at the Media Space took me a step closer to thinking further about the Landscape as documentary and social commentary. This has that has been a feature of my thinking for some time and I have some emerging ideas about this in my own work. I do need to look at the work of more artists though and I am patient in my search for a personal voice. I see the selection of an area of specific interest and focus as being an iterative process, recognising the importance of not trying to photograph anything and everything!

Whatever my outcome at assessment, I am a better, more thoughtful and positively self critical photographer than I was 10 months ago, in this sense signing up with the OCA has proved very worth while. I have however a keenness to be much better yet though!

I am sure Context and Narrative will shape and challenge my thinking further in my OCA year ahead.

Can I formally thank you for your support, encouragement, honest and constructive critique, it has been valuable and has been appreciated.
Very best wishes and many thanks.




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