ETRS 88 (1 of 1)

Photography is an important thread that has run through my life since childhood. I carry a camera with me as often possible and I am passionate about making images. I use a variety of approaches, predominantly film, but digital occasionally too. I’ve never formally studied photography and I embark on this course as an enthusiastic amateur. Image making has also held a therapeutic role for me providing an important escape from a busy and at times challenging professional life.

In parallel to making images I enjoy reading about and looking at the work of many photographers. When time and opportunity have allowed I have attended exhibitions and galleries for enjoyment and inspiration. I am at a point where I feel my knowledge and practice as a photographer are at best fragmented and my work is I believe repetitive and somewhat limited. Although I have a level of competency in camera control and basic image processing (Adobe Lightroom) I have learned enough to know that I have only scratched the surface of the possibilities of photography.

I am certain that formal study will provide me with the challenge and support I need to allow me to develop new skills and knowledge, but most importantly a personal identity as photographer. I don’t under estimate the challenge this course represents and I’m simultaneously excited and apprehensive about my journey with the OCA. Studying at this level and working full time will require the careful management of time but I am up for the challenge and all that it brings!


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