Robert Huasser

Hausser was a German photographer, born in 1924, the winner of more than 50 awards including being the recipient of the 1995 Hasselblad Award.

I came across the work of Hausser while researching my reworking of assignment 4. I was investigating shape and form and although Hausser seems to have worked in a wide variety of genres, spanning both commercial art photography, there are some striking images that record and fantastic sense of shape and form from the world around him.

Working predominantly in black and white, Hauser seems to have captured something quite beautiful in the mundane. The images below resonated with my intent in assignment 4 , all be it that I was  concentrating on shape and form under artificial light.


Copyright Robert Hausser

There is a wonderful symmetry and sense of line and surface, as well as a sense of the abstract whilst also being simply a picture of a very repetitive hoarding. There is also some human interest in the distance, something I lacked in my assignment images.  I genuinely had not seen this image before I made mine above though!

The image above again is beautifully simple and yet really engaging, it has an almost science fiction quality, I had to do a double take as to what it was. It’s reality is far more mundane,and is part of a tube line construction.

Koetzle  (2011) suggests he had a:

‘remarkable eye for the absurd in the trivial’

I am inclined to agree with this statement but also feel there is a really thoughtful geometry to his work, which in turn creates a very interesting compositional approach.

I am unsure how well known his work is beyond the art world, and I will explore the work of Hausser further, there is I think much to learn from his work and much to be  inspired by from his images.


Koetzle, H-M. (2011) Photographers A-Z , Taschen, Gmbh


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