Preparation for reworking Assignment 4

In preparation for reworking assignment for I looked at the work of Geert Goiris following a recommendation from my tutor. In planning the reworking the assignment, one image from my original submission was identified as being the strongest , my tutors specifically said:

‘It begins to find the sculptural quality of an object – which is something night photography helps immensely by subtracting distractions and especially an over-bright sky”

The image shown below is of remarkably mundane object, a builders hoarding, but it takes on a different form under cover of night when lit by tungsten and halogen!

Ass 4 relection find out more-4536

I was encouraged by this statement because it really resonated with my own thought about the whole set I submitted. I was struck by the entirely different form

Goiris is a Belgian photographer born in 1971 whose work seems to be quite experimental and is hard to define within a single genre. However it was his landscape work that I was drawn to and in particular the strange alien feel he creates

Goiris work is instantly other worldly to me and his images of what look like abandoned places have a dystopian feel while also being visually beautiful. Lunn (2015) suggests that Goiris work is: .

”..mundane yet spectacular, familiar yet unfamiliar”

an analysis that I entirely concur with.

Goiris’s work creates a mood and a sense of place that is at times quite familiar but simultaneously alien. The image below epitomises this for me in that it is clear it is the remains of a human construction, but is is also strangely unfamiliar. The image raise questions about where itv was taken and what happened to this space, was it abandoned and why?


Copyright Geert Goiris

Similar the image below has some thing of the mundane about it whilst the location is far from mundane!


Copyright Geert Goiris

In reworking the assignment i thought i might look for the mundane under artificial light to see if I might capture a different view or indeed a different sense of an object. The sculptural nature of things might , as with my image of the hoarding take on a different guise. I also thought I needed to explore the unfamiliar as part of the rework and decided to go to locations alien to me in which to make the images.

More to follow…….


Lunn, O. (2015) Unfathomable: Geert Goiris’ futuristic objects in abandoned landscapes, British Journal of Photography found: (Accessed February 20i6)


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