Assignment 2: feedback, reflections and revision

I received feedback on assignment 2 a little while ago but I am only now getting a chance to add it to my blog and reflect on it. I must say I was really pleased with the comments from my tutor and I have used them as I work at planning my next assignment. I am not going to include the comments in line with the student guidance but I was very pleased with them and they contained very helpful, detailed and construct feedback.

In response to individual comments about the images I have changed the first image from the original set submitted. The first image I submitted, although it was one I liked, it didn’t sit coherently with the whole set, the revised one in the set on the blog brings more unity to the whole set.

For the sake of being able to show development, he original submission to my tutor can be seen here:

John Orr Assignment Two V1

Response to tutor in response to Assignment 2 Feedback

Dear Robert,

Many thanks for your very helpful critique and commentary on my second assignment. Your comments will help me further develop my skills and the approach I am taking to assignments in general.

I entered into this latest assignment in a very different way to the first one, taking on board your comments about Assignment One. As an aside I have some plans underway to re-shoot some elements of Assignment One but I’m waiting patiently for some very specific weather conditions. The square mile is becoming a longer term undertaking, although I want to complete the re-shoot well in advance of final submission as a sort of ‘before and after’ element to my final assessment portfolio.
In terms of the Crowds assignment, I really enjoyed the whole process from planning, execution, processing and final selection. Indeed it isn’t work when you’re enjoying yourself!

Whilst I brought precisely the same technical skills to this assignment as the first, I occupied a very different ‘psychological space’ in undertaking Assignment Two. Not only did I make far more images and try several different approaches but I had a much greater focus on creating a sense of cohesion in the set. The result is i think better work. That said Reflecting on the set there are still things I would change and like assignment one there has been significant learning on my part I feel.

I will press on with section three and I have some experimental work to add to the blog, it hasn’t quite worked yet but I will be reshooting my Berenice Abbot inspired shots in the next week or so. Given the focus on fragments of time, there is some real linkage to some of the work I enjoyed most in the revelations exhibition.

As I work through section three I am also starting to shape the plans for Assignment Three, I am looking at the work of Cartier-Bresson, but also at the work of Paul Graham and his somewhat different take on the decisive moment. I have started to look at Street Photography Now and several online street photography collectives. I haven’t settled on an approach yet but my reasearch phase is well underway.

Many thanks for the deadline date, that will be helpful in planning the work ahead and I have set myself some milestone deadlines in between.

Very best wishes and thanks for you ongoing support, it is appreciated.



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