Part One Self Assessment

Based upon the Assessment Criteria set out on page 34

Demonstration of technical and visual skills

I do believe that I have demonstrated some technical skill in this first part of the course. I believe I can control the camera and lens combination and have a good understanding of the implications of differing shutter speed and aperture combinations. Setting the camera in Programme mode was a new experience for me though! I can see the value of this in these early exercises because it did focus the mind on framing, subject selection and the image rather than the process. I feel my work does demonstrate an understanding of the conventions of composition, rule of thirds and what might broadly be called the orthodoxy of composition in practice. However I do recognise that this is both strength and a weakness. I am aware of how this can limit creativity and this is perhaps one of the greatest aspects of learning in this first phase of the course.

Quality of the outcome

I think I have created a simple but coherent structure to the assignments and the exercises set out in my blog. This has been a learning curve as ‘blogging’ is an entirely new experience. It hasn’t been without its challenges and I slowly getting to grips with this activity. I still can’t quite get the blog to co-operate in the presentation of images and the spacing of images and objects in my blog is not quite where I want it to be. In addition to the exercises I have been keeping some research notes and reflections in the Research and Reflection section. As I become more confident in the use of the blog I will increase the pace of posting.

Demonstration of creativity

This is perhaps the weakest area of my work to date. I recognise I need to consider risk taking and break some rules! I also need to free my self from self imposed limits that are probably somewhat entrenched from years of somewhat repetitive image making. I have some clear ideas about this and I hope to take a very different approach in assignment 2 than I did in assignment one. I have very proactively being looking at the work of others but with a view to trying to identify themes and approaches in a


I have really enjoyed researching, with purpose, the work of other photographers. I have for many years enjoyed looking at the work of others but in many respects this has been a passive act, merely observing. I am already far being more analytical I believe. I have also, through the magic of youtube, actively sought out footage of photographers talking themselves. I have done this to hear straight from the horse’s mouth their perspective on the motives for the images they have made. A developing feature of my blog is youtube clips of photographer reflecting on their work. This is something I plan on developing further. I am conscious that my blog entries don’t scratch the surface of all the research into the other artists. Time is perhaps an issue. A good example is that I have spent a lot of time looking at the work of Paul Graham. I find his approach exceptionally engaging, but as yet I haven’t put anything on the blog about this work. I don’t want the blog to be cluttered but equally it does need to reflect the development of my thinking and practice. It isn’t that yet.


I feel I have made a positive start to the course but I need now to do the following:

1. Synthesise my research into coherent summative learning points that inform what I do when making images, particularly with regard to framing, subject selection and viewpoint.

2. Demonstrate the impact of research and part one exercises in my next assignment

3. Break out from the constraints of my practice to date and produce in Assignment 2 a more creative set of images even if that means producing work that I am uncomfortable with!


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